Finding Solutions Together

Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation in Moruya

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At Win Win Mediation in Moruya, finding solutions as a team is what we do.

We have a tried-and-tested, well-worked method to ensure that you get the support you need from us to resolve your issue.

Looking for a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner for Property Settlements or Parenting Plans? Perhaps you are looking for mediation around workplace conflict, return to work plans, business disputes or transitions? Either way, give our team at Win Win Mediation a call today. Our know-how and skillset means we can find these solutions together.

Finding Solutions Without Going to Court

Mediation is a different way to resolve disputes without using courts and costly legal processes. The legal system can not only cost a lot of money, but can take up a lot of time. It is our role to reduce both costs and the time taken.

As accredited mediators, we understand the importance and value in working together to come up with a solution rather than have one forced upon you.

Our process empowers you to find solutions that work for you in a quick, efficient and less stressful way.

Examples of where mediation is very effective include:

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Property Settlement Negotiations

If you are looking to settle your property issues, we can help.

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Developing Parenting Plans for Separated Couples

We can organise a process to help separating families with children.

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Business Transition Issues

Passing on the family farm or business can be complex and hard to negotiate. We can help you get all the issues out on the table and work out the best way forward.

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Commercial Disagreements

Problems with contract performance, quality of work and breakdowns in business relationships are costly and time consuming to resolve. Mediation is a quick and effective way to resolve these and other commercial disputes.

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Staff Performance

If you have team members who are not working well together then our conflict intervention process and mediation can get things back on track.

Resolving Conflicts

Workplace, business and personal relationships cannot escape the stresses and frustrations of unresolved disputes. Mediation is a great way of resolving issues in many circumstances. In our time as mediators, we have helped tackle conflicts across the professional and personal space.

Vast Experience

We have been in the industry for many years developing the knowledge that can be applied across many situations.

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An image of Terrence from Win Win Mediation.
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